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Current Research

Global Competency in Higher Education

We are currently conducting research into the significance of global competency in higher education (GCHE). As institutions of higher education expand their influence beyond regional or national borders by preparing students to succeed in a globally competitive world; and as universities compete for students from across the globe, they must be prepared to meet the new challenges presented by these realities.  If you have received an invitation to participate in the survey, please clink the link above.

Global Competency in Higher Education Survey

Building Welcoming and Inclusive Communities

Record-high immigration, growing national origin and linguistic diversity, and immigrants’ increasing geographic dispersal are changing the demographics of local communities.  Public administrators and other community leaders are faced with the duel challenges of integrating newcomers into the existing structure and creating inclusive communities respectful of diverse cultures and perspectives.  Managing these duel structure and agency challenges requires that leadership be globally competent. 

Global Competency in Public Administration Survey


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