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Global interconnection and interdependence has deep impact on individuals and organizations worldwide. With in-depth awareness of current and global trends in education, management, and development and with a deep respect and understanding of the past, BG Global Partners (BGGP) offers unparalleled consulting services in international education & global engagement, international development, careering & college planning, leadership and management, public policy & affairs, research and  training.

Our extensive experience in ethnically and culturally diverse contexts positions us as global leaders in providing services and products that meet the needs and goals of individuals and organizations in the educational, governmental, non-profit, and business sectors around the world.

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BG Global Partners (BGGP) is a global consulting firm that offers services in international and global education, leadership and management, governmental relations, public policy and international development



Our Mission

To inspire and empower individuals and organizations to achieve sustainable growth and success in a globally interconnected world.

Our Vision

BGGP serves as a global partnership and platform to promote sustainable human, organizational and social development in both local and global contexts. Through our professional expertise and culturally responsive services in education, development, public policy and affairs, governance, community engagement, research and training, we guide and support our clients to achieve the most sustainable success in a globally interconnected world and community. We value our clients as partners to make the global world more peaceful, inclusive and beneficial to all.

Meet the Leadership Team

Michael Guo-Brennan
Co-founder and
Senior Consultant

Michael is an academic, researcher and practitioner in the fields of public policy and affairs, government relations, and public administration. He has extensive professional experiences in public policy analysis and development, leadership development, organizational management and culture, governmental relations, human resource management,  immigration, civic engagement and capacity in urban education reform and global competency in higher education. Michael has provided consulting and management services for governments, non-profit organizations,business organizations, and newcomers who seek assistance in expanding business development and goverment relations.

Linyuan Guo-Brennan
Co-founder and
Senior Consultant

Linyuan is an academic, researcher and practitioner in the fields of education and international development. She has extensive teaching, research and consulting experiences in education change, international and comparative education, education abroad, international development, global citizenship education, teacher education and development, international higher education, research, second language education, and culturally responsive career counseling services. Linyuan is bilingual in English and Chinese and has provided services for international/immigrant/refugee youth and families, universities and colleges, K-12 schools, governmental and intergovernmental agencies in different countries.

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